June, Year 1 ~ The Job Search Is Underway!

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Tamara, after failing miserably at trying to be an accountant, next had an interview as a potential museum curator. Never having set foot in a museum in her life before, this might not have been such a great idea.
Firstly, Calvin‘s interview with the bank went great!

So now not only are Stiles and Calvin housemates, they’re coworkers too. I hope their friendship won’t suffer because of this!
Emma‘s interview at the spa didn’t go so well. She didn’t really sell herself and I get the feeling she forgot what job she was interviewing for halfway through! She later applied for a position in the medical field, so better luck next time!

Tamara really messed things up at the museum and even she wasn’t surprised she didn’t get the job.

What kind of responses are those, Tamara?

And so the girls tried again. Emma’s interview at the hospital went a lot better and she got the job!
However, Tamara was starting to feel unemployable since she couldn’t even get a job as a lifeguard.

Fed up with the unsuccessful job search, Tamara felt the group needed a break. She decided to host a singles party at the beach at the weekend and invited every single sim she knew from Sunset Valley.

However in the middle of the party, Calvin got some good news; he’d won §500 on the lottery! The money went straight into his bank account and would give him a really good start for his future!

Let’s hope the other residents have equally good luck this year!


2 thoughts on “June, Year 1 ~ The Job Search Is Underway!”

    1. Have you got Into the Future? The lottery function came with that. You buy the ticket at the supermarket (or on the computer/phone with the Online Services mod) 🙂


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