Welcome to Sunset Valley

Hello Readers!

Anyone who’s known me a while will know I’m constantly playing around with re-doing Sunset Valley. I’ve taken it into CAW, I’ve completely redesigned it but for one reason or another, it never quite becomes what I want it to become. So I’m going for different this time.

The Sunset Valley Chronicles isn’t a simple re-do of Sunset Valley. At the beginning of this blog, the town will look exactly the same. Each family I play, I’ll make them over, get them new jobs and develop relationships based entirely (hopefully) on their wishes and actions. The town will change as I go, instead of all of it straight away. One day, a new leisure centre might open, meaning the gym will close. Perhaps a few months later, a new restaurant is built in its place. Gradually, the town will change and will always be evolving.

I also intend this evolution to depend on the opportunities in town. More information about that will come later, under the Gameplay Info page.

A final note: this will not be a planned story. There’s no storyline in my head. This is simply a gameplay story; by the sims themselves. It’s more designed as a blog to keep my thoughts and histories in some kind of order.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Sunset Valley. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

Happy Simming!


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