Mods I’m Using

This page is constantly under construction.

I use a great deal of mods for my general gameplay in Sunset Valley. I’m going to list them here and try to keep this up to date as I add more to my game.

Nraas ~ I use several Nraas mods, most notably Careers, DebugEnabler, GoHere, Master Controller, Overwatch, Register, Relativity, Selector, Tagger, Woohooer

Ani ~ I’m using Ani’s No Free Work Performance, to really make the sims work hard and for the career metrics to actually matter.

JunJayMdM ~ The Online Centre and Study Skills Online are wonderful additions.

DigitalChaos ~ The Global Banking mod is fantastic. It allows you to set up individual bank accounts for your sims. It’s also very straightforward to use.

Cherry92 ~ Cherry’s Evening School mod is great for getting the sims to learn skills without the instant response of the EA skill classes. These are done in the evenings and can be paid for in advance.

Gamefreak130 ~ The Job Overhaul mod must be one of the best new mods out for Sims 3 this year! I used this extensively in the first story since I was actually having a first playthrough with the mod installed. Highly recommend for more realistic job searches.

MissyHissy ~ Of course, I’m using a lot of my own careers for this game. I won’t link to them all individually, since there’s around 40.

More to come!